FacebookReality Labs

Product Design for Virtual and Augmented Reality platforms.

  • Client

    Facebook Reality Labs

  • Deliverables

    Product Design, Interaction Design

  • Role

    Product Designer (AR/VR)

A future that’s more human and less artificial.

Due to a NDA, I can't show specific details of these projects.

Facebook Reality Labs

At the Reality Labs, I initially designed VR tools to empower remote collaboration using the amazing capabilities of Oculus Quest.

Managers, directors, researchers, engineers, artists and designers in a bold mission to explore and shape the future of work using cutting-edge technology.

Infinite Office - a collection of new capabilities designed to create a virtual office space that will feel more productive and flexible.
Augmented Reality

My most recent collaboration at the Reality Labs is for Spark AR, Facebooks's augmented reality platform, working on several features and experiments for Spark's core platforms: Hub, Portfolios and Studio.

Spark AR Portfolio
Spark AR Studio

Design at Facebook is highly technical and cross-functional.

Responsibilities include forming hypothesis, building low & high fidelity prototypes, working with XFN partners, iterating on feedback and partnering with engineers (and more!).

Spark AR

Designers are involved on all aspects, from defining product requirements to delivering specs to engineers, from researching and dogfooding to aligning decisions across different products.

Collaborating in such large-scale and designing for multiple surfaces (web, desktop, mobile and VR) is an amazing experience, certainly full of challenges and learnings.

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