Product Design for Data
Analytics content platforms.

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    Wireframes, Prototypes, Product Design, Motion Design

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    Lead Product Designer

The QB Delivery Protocol provides the best practices for delivering analytics, tried and tested by QuantumBlack teams.

The QuantumBlack Delivery Protocol is a platform providing comprehensive content to educate staff and clients on QB's best practices.

My role was to lead various design initiatives of this team.

How to make it engaging?

One of my challenges at QB was to make the protocol publicly available on the website.

Considering the depth of the content, my first explorations were around how deep we should go while maintaining engagement and not overwhelming users.

Information Architecture

Interaction Design

Interaction Design

We explored several interactions that could accommodate the extensive content into a quick and easy-to-navigate experience.

Exploring these interactions triggered discussions around improvements on the current interface of the website. Typography issues, ambiguous messaging, misused signifiers, those were only a few problems we addressed here that will have wider impact on the overall QuantumBlack web design language.

Creating excitement

It's a challenge to turn heavily technical themes into emotional experiences. But what if we can immerse users - even if it’s just the tip of a toe - in the process?

We directed films exemplifying the core activities and outcomes of each phase, which were embedded in the main experience. As well, a few core best practices were summarised in short videos for quick consumption.

2D motion design explorations using QB's vectors to be incorporated in the site and other QB projects.

This was only one of the many projects I worked with QuantumBlack. From interactive prototypes to final deliverables, we designed slick experiences for complex problems and data heavy platforms.

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